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categories: categories and K-theory

Dear All,

Some time ago I discussed with Tony Bak, who is managing editor of the journal
K-theory, those parts of the category theoretic panoply that might fit best
within that journal. Those of you who know the journal will have noted that  it
published Tamsamani's work on weak multiple categories and  that the links
between K-theory and, for instance, categorical treatments of abstract homotopy
theory, the homotopy theory of small categories,  stacks of
groupoids, Topological Quantum Field Theories etc, tensor categories and
results on the representation theory of objects such as quantum groups, Hopf
algebras and so on, are all within the range of topics previously handled by
the journal. 

I have become a member of the editorial board and have been asked to solicit
submissions of good quality papers within these areas.  I would ask that not
withstanding the great relevance of parts of these areas to the readership of
the journal, that any papers submitted to me should be in accordance with
the published publication policy of the journal as printed in  any copy of the

I look forward to seeing some excellent article coming this way,

Tim Porter.

Mathematics Division,
School of Informatics,
University of Wales, Bangor,
Gwynedd, LL57 1UT.
Wales, U.K.

e-mail: t.porter@bangor.ac.uk