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categories: slogans

As a bit of a fun project, I would like to put together a collection of
slogans, and am asking for contributions.  Such a collection may or may not
turn out to be "useful", but at least it will be amusing.

I'm thinking of a slogan (apart from being a Scottish Highland war-cry) as a
pithy little phrase or saying or motto or truism ..., just short of being
poetry, that can tweak the neural pathways to follow a previously traveled
path of understanding.

Slogans tend to be little gems, often found in the folklore, but sometimes
published, such as the 5 slogans in Jim Lambek & P. Scott's "Intro to higher
order categorical logic" - these are:
I: many objects of interest in mathematics congregate in concrete
II: many objects of interest to mathematicians are themselves small
III: many objects of interest to mathematicians may be viewed as functors
from small categories to Sets.
IV: many important concepts in mathematics arise as adjoints, right or left,
to previously known functors.
V: many equivalence and duality theorems in mathematics arise as an
equivalence of fixed subcategories induced by a pair of adjoint functors.

I think there are many more such gems; I like (and use) the one that says:
the arrows always go through the limit.
- I attribute this one to Armin Frei circa 1971 at UBC.

Another really good one is: adjoints are the unity and identity of
- I attribute this one to Bill Lawvwere

Here are a couple more, from the physics of information:
* there is no information without representation.
* there is no processing without a process.
- attributed to Benjamin Schumacher of Kenyon College.

Each slogan can explode into rich and meaningful ideas, sort of the "url's
of the mind" (if you like that kind of cyber-geek talk).

Anyway, I hope the intention is clear, and that everyone will contribute
their favourites as well.  Please either post a response or send to me
directly (no flames please), along with appropriate credit if known; I will
assemble, and depending on how it goes, make the collection available.

Could be fun and interesting - I look forward to your responses.

Best regards to all .... Al

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