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categories: Re: Adjoints in bicategories

In reply to Frank Atanassow's question:

Here is a list of a few references I have on hand that are related 
or somewhat related to your question. This list is not intended to 
be complete and I hope others will add more references and/or details.

John MacDonald, Department of Mathematics 
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5K 1N4

[1] R. Blackwell, G.M.Kelly, J.Power, Two-Dimensional Monad Theory, Sydney
Category Seminar Reports 1987.

[2] M.C.Bunge, Coherent Extensions and Relational Algebras, Trans. Amer.
Math. Soc.197(1974), 355-390.

[3] J.W.Gray, Formal Category Theory: Adjointness for 2-Categories, Lecture
Notes in Mathematics 391, Springer-Verlag 1974. 

[4] C.B.Jay, Local Adjunctions, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 53(1988),

[5] G.M.Kelly, Elementary Observations on 2-Categorical Limits, Bull. Austral.
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[6] G.M.Kelly, R.H.Street, Review of the Elements of 2-Categories, Lecture 
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[7] J.L.MacDonald, A.Stone, Soft Adjunction between 2-Categories, Journal of
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[8] R.H.Street, The formal Theory of Monads, Journal of Pure and Applied 
Algebra 2(1972),149-168.

At 02:45 PM 6/22/00 +0200, you wrote:
>I'm looking for definitions of (the weak 2-dimensional analogues of 1-)
>products and coproducts for bicategories, and also adjoints. In his 1967
>article "Introduction to Bicategories, Part I" Benabou promises to treat
>biadjoints in a sequel, but I gather this was never published. Gray treats a
>notion of "quasi-adjointness" in "Formal Category Theory"; is this
accepted as
>the "right" generalization?
>Pointers to definitions of these concepts in one of the approaches to weak
>n-categories would be welcome as well.
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