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categories: We're more useful than Millennium Domes

               Copyright 2000 Times Newspapers Limited
                          The Times (London)
                        July 14, 2000, Friday
SECTION: Home news
LENGTH: 189 words
HEADLINE: Dome useless, says Duke
BYLINE: Dominic Kennedy

A smiling Duke of Edinburgh yesterday sabotaged the Pounds 2 million
campaign to save the Millennium Dome by suggesting the attraction was
a useless waste of money.

As the Dome opened an advertising campaign with the slogan "You've got
a mind of your own, take it to the Dome", the Duke decided it was an
apt time to deliver his own verdict. As he opened a new Pounds
56 million Centre for Mathematical Studies at Cambridge University, of
which he is Chancellor, he did a quick calculation. "This is", he said
as he unveiled a commemorative plaque, "a lot less expensive than the

The audience laughed so heartily that, warming to his theme, the Duke
added: "And I think it's going to be a great deal more useful."