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categories: My recent publication - Doctorow

From: Osher Doctorow, Ph.D. osher@ix.netcom.com, Fri. Nov. 24, 2000 10:41AM

My paper applying logic-based probability (LBP) to mathematical physics was
just published, and is entitled "Magnetic monopoles, massive neutrinos and
gravitation via logic-experimental unification theory (LEUT) and
Kursunoglu's theory," pages 89-97 of the volume Quantum Gravity, Generalized
Theory of Gravitation, and Superstring Theory-Based Unification, Editors B.
N. Kursunoglu (Ph.D. from Cambridge University under Professor Paul Dirac),
S. L. Mintz, and A. Perlmutter, Kluwer Academic/Plenum: New York 2000.   The
relevance of LBP to categories is largely in its ability to generalize
across categories, which it shares with Clifford algebra/octonions/Grassmann
algebra (Bayliss, Crawford, Chisholm, Pezzaglia, Hestenes, Benn, Okubo,
etc.) and in string theory with the orientation of S. Weinberg.  Much of the
generalizing work has been done since the above paper, and hopefully I will
be able to succinctly present some of it here in future.  I will say in
preview that LBP isolates the transition from division to subtraction (often
ignored by other fields) and keeps track of logic-algebra relationships and
I regard these as a major source of its ability to transcend categories and
apply across disciplines.  Most of the people cited above also have unusual
tolerance for new ideas, even those which disagree with their own theories
and those of the majority of theorists.  I like to think of at as partly a
great sensitivity to the past, present, and future - not just to one of

Osher Doctorow